Skateboarding is a global community.

From the national level to the local, governmental policy and politics impacts our lives and love for skateboarding.

SkatersVote was created with the goal of encouraging skateboarders in the United States of America to register to vote.

This website is designed to be a simple, easy, and shareable resource to facilitate registration and help skateboarders make your voices heard through voting. Skaters Vote aims to give every skater in America a voice in the systems that shape our lives.

Deadlines for registration vary slightly FROM STATE TO STATE but middle-October is a general cut-off. Which means... let's go.

SkatersVote is not affiliated with any political party or campaign. It exists because skateboarders care about the world around us and believe our voices should be heard no matter where we lie on the political spectrum.

SkatersVote is open to all skaters, companies, shops, and the entirety of the skate community to use, make their own, and register as many skaters as we can.

Our backbone for this site is the Rock The Vote open source platform.